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でも サービスを提供する側がエコな選択肢を用意することが大事なのでは? と思っています。


  1. 頂いた全てのお仕事において、売り上げの一部を環境や動物保護の団体に寄付します。 
  2. エコな生活に役立つ知識を皆様と共有します。 
  3. 作品たちはあくまでも可愛く、かっこよく。


How can I conserve nature and animals?

Since I started drawing animals, I begin to love them more and care/concern about their future.
Every time I search for animals and their information, I see many of them are endangered or threatened.

“Saving animals and nature” does not sound right to me, as I believe they are strong enough to live if we keep good distance and stop destroying the nature.
So what can I do as an illustrator?

For example, I don’t register my art to on-demand service where I cannot control the shipping materials/service or that has limited choices of sustainable product.
I try not to be part of the society that does not contribute to nature conservation.

In my personal life, although I try as much as I can, it is almost impossible to be 100% sustainable.
However, what I believe is that  it is important to prepare sustainable choices as a provider.

So, here are my goals and promises as an illustrator:

  1. Part of the revenue for any type of work will be donated to nature or animal conservation organization. 
  2. Will be sharing tips and information of how we can live nature-friendly lives. 
  3. All illustrations will remain its attractiveness.

I don’t plan to convince people for nature-friendly life in my illustration.
I want my illustration to be chosen as a sustainable action.